I had am image of how things would be when I was in high school and at the moment, my life looks nothing like my imagination.  Better or worse?  I don’t really know – different is the best description I have.  I thought I knew what things would incite excitement – come to think of it, I can’t remember what those things might have been some 34 years ago!  But I can assure you, a weed-whacker was not in my top 10 list of exciting items.  But now, now that I am mature and see the value of a yard with the weeds somewhat controlled, I am super excited about my brand new weed-whacker!!  I bought it on Friday and my son put it together Friday night.  I woke up Saturday excited about trying out my new weed-whacker.  I went outside and once the heat hit me straight on, I decided to prolong my anticipation until later in the evening.   I went to a movie with my kids and the entire time I was in the movie, I was eager with anticipation to crank up that weed-whacker!  I had a few stops on the way home but I finally got home ready to go.  It was almost dark but that was when it was finally cool enough for me and the lack of light did not stop me from getting started.  Since my son put it together, he wanted to be the first to start it and so he cranked it up. 

Did you know that after growing for months unchecked, a weed-whacker may not cut through the weeds as one might imagine?  I did purchase a pretty heavy-duty weed-whacker so it is moving through the weeds…..it is just slow going.  My weeds do not just consist of high grass – they are made of a sturdier fiber.  I find that I need the assistance of a swing blade and loppers.  I feel I’m creating a path through the New World in my quest to tame my yard.  After 10 minutes outside I was drenched in sweat and the thrill of my weed-whacker had paled somewhat.

But an optimistic heart can’t be held back!  I awoke again this morning eager to try again.  It rained pretty hard off and on throughout the day but by later in the evening, about the same time as yesterday, the weather was cooperating enough for me to give the weed-whacker another try.  I lasted longer today although I still needed the loppers and swing blade.  I absolutely love the results that I’m starting to see and while I now know that it will be a much harder task than I anticipated, I’ll just bite off a little every day.  I’m actually thinking I might need a chainsaw as well.  These are weeds that have had their way for years!  Look out weeds – I have tools and I’m not afraid to use them…………

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  1. Hi There,

    Great post about your weed whacker experience As we have had a great deal more rain this year than last my yard needs cutting much more frequently. I always start off with edging and weed whacking before I mow the yard. If I mowed the yard first I’d tell myself the weed eating and edging could wait until next time I mow the yard. I pour left over grease from the skillet after I cook on the places I don’t want weeds/grass from growing and slowly but surely I’m reducing the amount of weed-eating I have to do.

    I went and saw the new Sandra Bullock movie (“The Heat”) this past week end and it was a really good movie, I highly recommend it. The only problem with the movie there was a lot of curse words used in the movie so I’m not sure you would want to take the grandkids to see it.

    No plans for this upcoming week, I’ll have to look at my to do list and see what I want to tackle. Thanks for keeping me on your wordpress distribution. Have a great week. All My Love,


    Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2013 03:39:05 +0000 To: jessrlindsey@hotmail.com

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