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I’ve done more traveling than usual this summer; Houston in June, Wisconsin in July, Denver in August.  And this doesn’t count any side trips to Birmingham and/or Nashville.  I love to travel.  I love the anticipation of a trip, I love to pack (but not to unpack!) and I love discovering or rediscovering a new city.  I made a big discovery this year just because I decided to do something I had never done before….I took a train to Houston.  I was born to take the train.  I doubt I will ever go to Houston any other way again unless I have to get there more quickly than the train can manage.  The seats were bigger and more comfortable, I could sleep comfortably (and this was without a sleeper car!), there is a dining car with a pretty decent selection of food and best of all – it was a laid back adventure in traveling!  I knew the trip would take longer but really, I probably got to Houston quicker than if I had driven.  Surprisingly, with just two of us going down initially, it was even cheaper than driving.  You can have two carry-ons and two checked bags at no additional charge.  Compare that to the airline – going to Milwaukee I was not allowed to carry my bag on because I already had a purse and backpack.  So they take $25 to get my luggage to the same place that I am going.  In going to Denver I had to check three bags because Kaileigh had two suitcases (she was planning on staying for a while) and again, I had my backpack.  So it cost $75 for our suitcases to get to the same location the plane was taking us.  It is almost cheaper to buy what I need once I get there.

That isn’t the only downside to air travel.  The seats are more cramped and don’t really lay back, there is less storage, airports and airplanes are more crowded, there are more delays……..hold up – this is turning into a rant against air travel when I meant it to be a post to support train travel!  Don’t get me wrong; despite the negatives associated with air travel I still love flying.  But I really, really love trains!  If I can get a train to your house, look out!  I may be on my way………

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