I love hotels.  I love staying in them, I love sleeping in them, I love living out of a suitcase.  I love the way a person looks at all of their stuff before packing and then chooses a subset of the stuff they must have when traveling.  I love sitting on my bed watching TV and most of all, I love exploring a new town.  In all my years, it has not gotten old.  So right now, I’m a happy camper.  For the last four weeks I have been staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Denver CO.  I worried that I would find it tedious living out of suitcases but so far, I have enjoyed “living” in a new town.  The bad part is being away from my two youngest kids and I really miss my dogs.  I can talk to my kids but the dogs just don’t seem to get talking (or listening) on the phone.  Kaileigh and I go to dog parks to get a little dog time back in our lives.  People are typically pretty proud of their dogs and are more than happy to allow people to pet them.  I can sincerely say they are beautiful and friendly and the owners just beam!

One thing being away from home has shown me, it that I have way too much stuff.  Other than the kids and the dogs (and maybe the cats!) I don’t miss any of my stuff.  This tells me I have way too many books, way too many clothes and in short, as I said before, way too much stuff.  When I get home it will be time to start clearing out the garage and the house.  I also have a few workshops that could be cleaned out.  I don’t know how I will accomplish it but it is far past time to simplify my life.  Maybe I can get my house to feel more like a fun hotel stay……..

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