Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to 2014!  Not that I am the official greeter or anything but here I am just standing in 2014 welcoming anyone that drops by!  Over the years, I have been in the habit of making a few resolutions that I could ignore.  I could ignore them because I never, ever made my resolutions public.  There is something so intimidating about telling someone what you would like to change in your life.  And once you open that vulnerability, there is no going back.  But this year, I will make a few resolutions to share.  I know no one out there will be forcing my hand but somehow, it does make me feel more accountable!

I’ll start with the dreaded money topic.  A lot of the angst in my life comes from never having enough money.  On paper, it looks like I should have enough so I am going to sit down and follow a couple of months of payments until I understand where my money is going.  Along that line, I will file my taxes on time this year.  No rushing around on October 15 because I still haven’t gotten there.  I will have a calm and orderly tax season!  I kind of want to temporarily get a second job to pay down some bills.  That isn’t a resolution – just an idea simmering in the back of my mind.  Any ideas anyone?  And don’t tell me to go into the home party market – I’ve tried that route and I was my only customer.  I did not make a good sales person!

Weight – should I even go there?  I would love to lose 10 pounds (all right, all right – you got me!!  Maybe I would love to lose 20 or 30 pounds!) but I’m not sure I want the same old tired resolutions.  Even if they are good ones!  OK – I resolve to eat healthier and exercise more and if a side effect is losing a little weight – hallelujah!! 

Writing in my blog is another thing that I plan on improving.  I looked at my last post dated October and thought of all the things that happened between then and now that I could have written about.  I have not been very motivated but I hope to keep people better updated this year.  This includes my blog, emails and phone calls.  I still won’t be in your face that often but hopefully I’ll keep folks more informed on what is going on in my life.

I would also like to be late less often.  Last year my motto was “The new late is early” and there was a marked improvement on my timeliness.  But there is still room for improvement and I will be working towards that.

Good grief – just sitting here for five to ten minutes gave me a number of resolutions and there are more in my head.  But I think I should work on what I have listed to start with.  If I accomplish a few extra resolutions that will remain in my head, more power to me!  But I should concentrate on my current list and face the fact that there is a lot of room for improvement in my life.  It is a new year and anything is possible…….

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