A horse of a different color

Many people have been keeping up with my horse dilemma.  I bought my daughter a horse a year and a half ago – one that was supposedly child friendly and a dream to ride.  Well, not so much it turns out.  Dylan was severely underweight (more than 800 pounds) and was easily the dirtiest horse I had ever seen.  I did ride him before buying him and warned my daughter that he was not all he was advertised but she was in love.  I was swayed by his neglected condition and just wanted to rescue him.  So began the saga of horse ownership – a much more expensive journey than I was prepared for.  As Dylan gained weight, he gained attitude.  Turns out, even though he is gelded, he has not gotten the message that he is not up for stud anymore.  He is a sweet fellow but just can’t seem to get along with other horses.  And he isn’t a horse for any inexperienced rider.  He is stubborn and headstrong and needs more exercise than we are giving him.  Part of the problem is that my daughter doesn’t want to ride him – he doesn’t necessarily stop when one wants him to stop.

Flash forward to today.  He is finally at a barn that allows him to be outside and not simply stalled 24/7.  He isn’t being ridden much although I rode him last Sunday for a little while.  The lady that I used to give him a little training wrote to me and asked if she could try to sell him since we all know that he needs more work than he is getting.  After I agreed, she let me know she found someone wanting to trade for him.  He wants a buckskin and he trains horses.  He hopes to train him to do barrels.  He really wants Dylan in particular.  We would get a mare (at least I don’t have to worry about whether she has been gelded properly) that on paper, looks awesome.   She jumps (Lucy’s requirement), she neck reins, and the owner has had novice riders on her.  No bucking, no biting.  Now I know I was handed a line before but this time I am taking a few horse friends with me.  We will be traveling to Rome, GA tomorrow to deliver Dylan and get Cheyenne.  I am excited about the possibilities……….

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