Howdy all you cowboys and cowgirls – are ‘ya on the edge of your seat wondering how the horse trade went?  Knowing that I usually get the short end of the stick, I was a little anxious over the trade.  My first worry was that the guy would back out and we would have driven to Rome Georgia for nothing hauling Dylan.  But I am pleased to say that the guy wanting Dylan wanted him even more once he saw him.  He fell in love with Dylan and the trade was on!  We told him every bad habit Dylan has and the guy was undeterred.  I strongly feel that with daily work, Dylan will calm down a good bit and be a good horse.  When I contacted the guy about a week after the trade, he was thrilled with Dylan so I feel good about his situation.

My second worry came from the horse we were getting.  I had no way of knowing if we were getting another difficult horse and we were told shortly before going to Rome that the horse we were getting had gotten a rope burn on her foot.  This ultimately meant that she was limping. My worry was that this wasn’t a temporary injury and that I would be getting a horse that couldn’t be ridden.  But I was taking a few horse pals that know loads about horses so I tried to not obsess about it.  Turns out, by the time we got there her limp was pretty much gone; that was another worry gone.

We were told that Cheyenne (now called Scarlett) neck reined, backed up well, loaded well and on my test ride, she did fine.  Mel and Lori also rode her with no real complaints.  Lucy came along but didn’t want to ride in a western saddle so she just watched and pronounced the horse pretty.  When we got back, we went and got Lucy’s saddle and she rode Scarlett falling in love in the process!!  So I declare the trade a good one.  Scarlett is young and may need a little work but she is much more rider friendly than Dylan was for our family.  I’m pretty excited about how this has turned out so far………


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