Trail Rides

One thing that I enjoy is going on trail rides.  Now that we’ve got the new horse (Scarlett), Lucy is willing to go along as well.  As long as she can ride Scarlett.  That means I borrow a horse but no problem – I just want to ride!!  Right after Scarlett arrived, we decided to go on a trail ride.  Unfortunately for us, we had just received a downpour and all of the horse trails we normally use were under water.  But we are a resourceful bunch and we really wanted to ride so we rode along the walking trails.  It was the perfect day for riding.  I was impressed with both Lucy and Scarlett as we had to cross a bridge that was totally under water.  The water came up to the chest of the horse but there was no hesitation when they crossed.  There were four of us riding.  I wish I had taken a photo of the horses in the water!

Eventually Lucy wanted to canter and I followed after her.  While cantering along, my stirrup leather broke and I lost my seat.  Before I knew it, I was tumbling ass over tea kettle off of the horse….and I fell onto the concrete walking path.  I literally couldn’t get any air into my lungs for 40 long seconds.  Just as I started thinking my lungs would not cooperate in time, I was able to take a short shuddering breath.  That breath let me know that not only was I alive but that I was hurting.  Melody was smart enough to tell me not to move for a few minutes.  That gave me time to adjust to the knot on my head, the beginning of bruising on my hip and the difficulty I was having in breathing.  I also contemplated the fact that I knew my stirrup leathers were not in very good shape when I started the ride.  I could only blame myself for this little mishap!!  As soon as I can afford new leathers, I will be replacing the leathers on that saddle!  In any case, I didn’t picture this outcome but I should have anticipated it.

A few days after the mishap, I was feeling better.  X-rays showed no breakage in my lower back – the site of the most severe pain.  At least it was the site of the most severe pain until I was reaching for something and heard a loud POP from my bones.  I cautiously got up; I cautiously moved around; I cautiously decided maybe the POP (which Lucy also heard) was nothing.  The next day, I knew the POP was important.  I only thought my back hurt before – now I felt truly awful.  I couldn’t sit up by myself from a lying down position; I couldn’t bend over to put on shoes; I couldn’t do anything – driving was a nightmare!!  Naturally this was the first day of a three-day-weekend and I couldn’t see my doctor until Tuesday.  I considered the ER on Saturday; I actually dropped by the ER on Sunday (too busy and so many flu cases!).  On Tuesday I almost talked myself out of going to the doctor but I finally decided to go.  This time my ribs were x-rayed.  The end result of all this was two broken ribs.  Happily I have figured out how not to move to aggravate that side of my body.  Now if I can just avoid getting a cough while those ribs heal……..and despite everything, I’m looking forward to my next trail ride……..

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