Broken ribs

I just checked out my blog and saw this heading – nothing written under it – just the heading.   Hmm – what was I going to say?  I’m sure it was an amazing proliferation of words that would explain to everyone how uncomfortable it is having broken ribs – but since I didn’t capture the thoughts at the time I am now drawing a blank.

I did have some uncomfortable days and some really uncomfortable nights but it does seem like the worst of the pain is gone.  The hardest thing for me was when I started to feel better.  I would feel better and think it was time to get over myself and I would start doing a lot more.  Packing up the Christmas boxes to take to the storage building; vigorously sweeping the floor; cleaning out the detritus that inevitably ends up under my bed.  After that, there would be consequences.  Even sitting here thinking about doing more things, my ribs have begun throbbing again.  Or maybe I’ve grown accustomed to the “easy” life and having a convenient excuse……..

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