My little flute player

On Saturday, 1 February, Lucy went to try out for all State band as well as District Honor Band.  She is a flute player and practices enough to stay 1st chair in her middle school band.  She takes lessons as well – she really enjoys playing flute.  This of course pleases the band geek in me.  I went to All-State and was in Honor Band back in high school and I wanted one of my kids to experience the thrill and excitement of being in a group of kids that genuinely enjoy playing.  Naturally, to get there, a try-out was held.  These try-outs are nerve-wracking and I was so proud of Lucy for just going to the try-out.  There was no guarantee of making it into either band and while Lucy is a little less introverted than the rest of us, she is still introverted!

We got there on time, she warmed up and headed to the scale room.  You had to be able to play 5 scales to even get to the try-out.  Lucy whizzed through 12 scales and easily passed the scale room.  I heard her play the music she had been practicing and in less than 5 minutes, the entire try-out was over.  I checked the website throughout the day to see if she made it on the list.  The first list to be updated with the All-State list.  They selected 2 flutes out of all the players that tried out and Lucy was not one of them.  She took the news well – another proud Mama moment!  Finally, the district Honor Band was published and there she was – 5th chair in our district!  They selected 12 players for Honor Band.  It is a bit of a whirlwind for the concert – they practice Friday night (2/14/14) and Saturday and the concert is Saturday night.  The band junkie in me approves…….

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