A horse, of course

Lately, I take Lucy down to the barn every day for her to interact with Scarlett.  Every day, I can see a bond forming between the two that is heartwarming to see.  When we first got her, she was very head shy.  She wouldn’t let anyone touch her head without laying her ears back to let us know of her displeasure.  Turns out it was just a trust issue.  Evidentially, someone was a little rough with her head and she was just anxious.  Now, both of us can rub her head and she leans right into it.  She has a few other traits that has shown us how much she is adjusting to our ownership.  When she sees our car, her head comes up, her ears perk up and she comes to the fence.  That is a far cry from her pinning her ears when she saw anyone approach.  And I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression – her ear pinning was just a commentary – she never made a move to hurt anyone.  She absolutely loves being groomed.  That is nice because Lucy absolutely loves grooming her!!  The feeling I get as I see a connection forge between my daughter and Scarlett is not far different from seeing my baby take her first steps – I see both of them maturing into a partnership.  A partnership that is beneficial for both horse and girl……


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