Are you tired of hearing about our wonder horse yet?  She came to us ready to go – and I mean go in the fastest sense.  When mounting, she would take off which of course makes it hard to actually get all the way in the saddle.  But now, she stands patiently until one is actually in the saddle.   Scarlett is a bit of a luxury for me – I can’t afford having her but both Lucy and I adore her.  She is three and will turn four on St. Patrick’s Day.  She had a leg injury over the last week which kept us off of her back but she is doing much better now and Lucy has been riding her bareback.  She is trying to learn to mount bareback and she takes a running start and leaps at Scarlett.  So far, no joy on actually getting on her back in that manner.  But Scarlett patiently stands watching Lucy try a bunch of tricks to mount.  Finally I give her a leg up and she is on.  Scarlett was not good at standing still when we first got her but now she stops when asked and stands until nudged forward.  She is a quick study and it is funny to see Scarlett follow Lucy where ever she goes.  Lucy is trying a few stunts on her back and Scarlett just waits to see what will happen next.  Now all I need to do is get our other horse trained and we can ride everywhere.  What I really, really need is a horse trailer so I can go on trail rides with my friends even when they don’t have room for an extra horse or two.  It is nice to have confidence in a horse again…….Image

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