On the Road Again!!

Street musicians, beignets, colorful houses – where else could I be other than New Orleans!  Kaileigh and I are on a road trip to Houston.  The train didn’t work out this year so we decided to drive all of the way.  But nothing says we have to do the drive in a day, right?  New Orleans is a good stopping point on the road from Huntsville AL to Houston.  It is just a little over half way and the city is full of quirky charm,  We rented a shotgun style house which got us into the heart of New Orleans.  We could soak up the flavor of the city right along with the locals.  Although the sight of me outside taking pictures of everything definitely marked me as a tourist!  The house rental was a nice touch – we had total privacy, a full kitchen, no check-out time and it was cheaper than a hotel.  Bonus!!  We ended up going to the YMCA to get our motor started and then we meandered over to Bourbon Street to soak up the ambiance of the French Quarter.  It was a very nice visit to a charming old city.

What is that you say?  What happened to my New Year’s resolution to post more often?  Well, it got overtaken by my resolution to work out more often.  Not that there is anything saying that a person can’t work out AND write in her blog but it proved to be too much for me.  But the blog is back and I plan on continuing to work out while still updating my blog……





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