Today was the annual Schwarzbach reunion at Jess’ house.  He hosts it every year on the 4th Sunday of June.  I am honored to be a part of the reunion as this is a family that I am related to but in which I did not grow up.  This is my birth mother’s family  and they have accepted me wholeheartedly.  I look forward to the yearly reunion and as the years go by, I am creating a set of memories to cherish as much as I cherish memories of my Mom, Dad and brother.  I stay at Jess’ house.  He is a generous and thoughtful host and I enjoy our time together.  This year’s reunion was more exciting than in previous years – the air conditioner developed a leak and the roof in the hallway collapsed.  Once the roof started drooping, the rest of the collapse happened rather quickly.  It was a scene of great excitement for many of us but all of us felt the pain that dealing with the insurance company will cause Jess.  With so many people gathered around, short work was made of the clean-up.  A piece of foam insulated board was purchased and put into place to keep the heat in the attic and the party continued…..


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