I love vacations and vacations to visit family are my favorite.  Don’t get me wrong – I also love exploring a new town and seeing the sights but when you visit family you still have the opportunity to explore their town so it is the best of both worlds!  My trip to Houston is a family trip.  I would be content to just hang out at Jess’ house but it isn’t just my vacation – I brought Kaileigh with me and I want her to have a good time as well.   So each day of the vacation, we have started our day with a rousing work-out at the YMCA.  I’ll admit, without Kaileigh, my workouts would have been in the tank for this vacation.  In fact, my paradigm includes foregoing all work-outs when away from home.  Luckily, Kaileigh kept me on track and because of this, I was able to enjoy guilt-free eating!

We have favorite places to go while in Houston – Ikea, The Galleria and grocery stores.  We hit Wal-Mart, Fiesta, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods during our visit.  And of course we went to Sonic anytime my ice started getting low.  I have an obsession with Sonic ice and I never seem to be far from a Sonic cup filled with ice.  As I tell the Sonic employees; the drink is not that important.  Just cram as much ice in that cup as possible.  Overall, this vacation ranks pretty high on the relaxing scale…..










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