While I am out and about, I always think of things I would like to write about.  But once I open up the browser – woosh – there go all my ideas!  But I do have a few little things that don’t necessarily make a long post but I thought I might share anyway!

When we were coming home from Houston, we stopped at a gas station to fill up.  I bought a couple of cokes for the ride home.  After all, I already had my Sonic ice!  I reached into the bag for the first coke and lo and behold – they were having a promotion to share Coke with various people.  The coke I had chosen at random looked like this…

 DSC02257   So Jess, this one’s for  you!!!


One thought on “Tidbits

  1. Hi There,

    Always good to hear from you, even if it’s a short message. Hard to believe there’s a coke with my name on it. I think I’ll look around here in Houston and see if I can find some bottled like this. Everything here is still going well, the pups, Dex and I are all hale and hearty.

    I’ve been working pretty hard around the house lately and at the end of my work day I always go for a swim. We are now having a typical Houston Summer — at least it waited a little longer than usual to strike this year. I’ve about gotten the patch of the ceiling in the hall that collapsed during the reunion repaired, just have to apply one more coat of paint. I plan on cleaning the pool filters today and I want to recaulk the hall bathroom. Seems like everytime I get something off my to do list I add 2 or more to the list.

    One thing about staying busy around the house and going for a swim every day I really fall asleep fast at night. I fall asleep thinking about what I plan on getting done the next day. I spend about an hour every day on the computer catching up with my email, I also find I usually go shopping every day. Today I plan on getting some pool supplies and a trip to home depot for some materials I need. Thanks again for your new post, I’m always happy when I get a message from you. All My Love,


    Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 01:36:04 +0000 To: jessrlindsey@hotmail.com

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