Back to School!

Here in North Alabama, school started on August 5.  I know as a person gets older, time goes much faster than it did in younger days.  But this summer zipped by so fast that I didn’t feel like I participated in it at all!!  I did get my yearly trip to Houston (I’m glad that didn’t pass me by!) but it seems like that was just last week when it was actually in June.  My guess is that Lucy being gone for 6 weeks has something to do with it.  I didn’t feel like I saw her very much this summer….probably because I didn’t!  She goes to Wisconsin and I fully support that although I miss her quite a bit.  But here we are buying notebooks and folders and paying school fees.  Costs that add up with three kids.  But despite my complaint that the summer is too short, it is good to have them back in school.  Back to early mornings and homework and structure in the day.  This is the last year that I will have three kids in school.  Not just three kids in school; three kids in HIGH school.  They are all at the same school now and that has made things a little simpler for me.  Next year comes college and all that college implies………….


Smile Keegan...
Back to School!

One thought on “Back to School!

  1. Hi There,

    Good to hear from you. You’re right, seems the older we get the faster time passes by. Loved the picture. Goodness how tall has Keegan attained, he looks pretty tall. They have really extended the school year nowadays. I remember when school started in September, the day after labor day. Fortunately, for me, Kate always took care of obtaining school supplies and getting your brothers and sisters enrolled in school and made sure they made it to school on time. I did attend PTA meetings and activities the kids were involved in. We went to a lot of school plays that Lonnie was involved in.

    Speaking of school, I guess you have heard that Lacy finally got a teaching job, she is really excited about that. Tisha got herself a new car (2003 Mitsubishi) and she loves it. She is no longer driving the little green Mazda truch she had been driving for the past several years. Dexter went to a concert in downtown Houston and someone sideswiped his car while it was parked in a parking garage during the concert. His 2011 BMW was insured by USAA and they have agreed to get it fixed but, it hasn’t been done yet.

    We have been having a pretty warm summer so I have been getting a lot of use for the pool, I rarely miss a day when I don’t go for a swim. The pups are all doing OK. Sparky doesn’t seem to miss his amputated leg very much, he keeps up with Cookie and Rocco pretty well. Again, thanks for your message — hope you have a wonderful week-end. All My Love,


    Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2014 20:03:21 +0000 To: jessrlindsey@hotmail.com

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