I’m back….

I moan about how quickly time passes and lo and behold, this blog proves it to me.  I was thinking the other day, “hmm, I don’t think I’ve updated my blog lately” but I surely did not think it was last August since I actually wrote something!  I have so many great ideas about things to post; clever, insightful jottings that would make everybody ponder my thoughts and want to hear more.  But when I get home, nada.  Nothing is there.  It is a type of brain freeze that seems to have no end for me.  My children often point out to me that I am not as __________ as I think I am (clever, funny, helpful – you fill in the blank!).  My good intentions are not getting the job done!  I seem to let time run over me such that I do not keep in touch with the people I love through phone calls or emails.  Sure, I might hit like on your Facebook post but is that really the kind of relationship I want with people that I care for?  I couldn’t even find time to write a quick blog post to keep folks up to date on the busy life that I seem to have fallen into.

But really, don’t we find time for the things we really want to get done?  So what part of me wants to be a hermit?  It isn’t just with my personal life.  My professional life has become pretty secluded as well.  I used to bubble over with joy and happiness just to be doing whatever I happened to be doing at the time.  But I’ve lost that part of me.  And with that loss, I’ve lost the part of me that would communicate with others.  I often feel that in the great scheme of life, I’m fairly insignificant and I’ve convinced myself that I would be a bother if I called someone.  I’ve withdrawn from life.  It is a hard feeling to overcome so be patient with me when I don’t call or I don’t even email.  I am working on it…..

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