i hate my teeth. I absolutely deplore them. Since I was a little girl, they have caused me nothing but heartache. I think back to the time and can see my little 7 year old self at the bathroom sink chewing on those red tabs we used to get. Little dental disclosing tablets that were intended to coat the dirty bits of your teeth with red dye so you could see where you missed when brushing.  Oh I was diligent as only a seven year old eager to please can be. My teeth would gleam with the shine of a newly polished diamond. No sign of the red dye anywhere. Hmmm……….perhaps this was the beginning of my lifelong obsession with all things shiny. Anyway, I would eagerly wait for the next dentist appointment so I could show him and my parents what a good job I was doing. This youthful optimism didn’t last – my eagerness turned to dread. I found that no matter how diligently I brushed, I was going to have scads of cavities. Not one or two….more like ten or eleven. I would leave the dentist in tears every time. And my brother who brushed sporadically would leave with no cavities. This was the first clear example in my life that life isn’t fair. 

As I’ve aged, my teeth have not improved. Nor has my dread of visiting the dentist.  This is not a good combination for good dental health.  I tend to run late for my appointments – not to be difficult but due to a crushing dread of what will go wrong.  I finally made it in last week. Mainly because I had a tooth that had broken off at the gum line. Even with this, I had hopes that the tooth could be saved. Nope……….the news was bad as always. So now I have lost another tooth. I’m embarrassed to say that it is one is a long list of extractions. I still have most of my front teeth but I have very few molars. Needless to say,this makes it difficult to eat. I’m fighting to keep what I have left but one by one I’m losing the battle. I’m becoming obsessed with the gorgeous smiles I see in magazines. If money was not an issue, I would get my teeth fixed. A number of implants could make a world of difference. Luckily I am a believer in everything happens for a reason so I assume that this too has a purpose. But clarity may not come in this lifetime………..

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