Happy New Year?

Ok –  I’m the first to admit that I’m not very organized.  And if I make such a statement out loud, I will get a chorus of agreements!!  So many times, I’ve sworn that this time, I REALLY mean it – I am going to post more often.  Or I’m going to email more often, call more often, stop by more often – you get the picture.  So i’m not sure what i think i’m accomplishing by making a New Years resolution to not only post more often but those of you that i email will see more missives from me!  That is IF i can get my act together!

I feel like I was so much more organized in previous years.  I have been diagnosed with ADHD and I can tell a major difference when I have medication. Unfortunately, money is an issue for me and sometimes this medication has to take a back-seat to other expenses.  I eventually am able to get a refill but my thought process it pretty disjointed until then then. It is hard to describe but it feels like multiple thoughts are flitting through my head and I can’t get a hold of any of them. As soon as I think i’m getting zeroed in on a thought, it’s gone.  I went through a few days of this and it was a struggle. But now I’m back on track and I hope to stay that way.  So look for more in this space soon……

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