First step in a journey

I took my 18 year old son to college this week.  It was a bittersweet journey as I watched him take his first true steps away from me.  Naturally, he has been stretching away from me as he got older, but I still saw him every day and could gauge his state of mind by any number of mannerisms.  But over the last two weeks, as we shopped for the things he would need in his dorm, I could see the man he is becoming.  It is a man that I would enjoy being around even if he wasn’t my son.

For the trip to Auburn, he was able to take my second car.  I debated on whether I really needed to go with him since I would be driving separately but it was definitely worth the drive.  I was able to help him unload the car and get his dorm set up.  I was able to help him get where he needed to go in order to be ready for band practice the next day.  All of which he could have done by himself but was easier with the little support that I offered.  And in the interest of full disclosure, it set my mind at ease.  Being able to see where he would be living was important to me; it is easier for me being able to picture his surroundings.  As we ate dinner, before I left to go home, he received a text from a high school friend who is also in the Auburn band.  They arranged to meet the next morning to walk to the band room together.  I smiled, knowing he was going to be fine.  And knowing that he would be fine helped me to know that I would also be fine……….

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