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Auburn AL

I’ll start this by saying “Roll Tide!”  I’ve been an Alabama fan my entire life.  I’ve supported Auburn University but not if they were playing the University of Alabama.  So what happens when it was time for my son to pick a college?  You guessed it – he chose Auburn University for his school.

My first visit was with Keegan and I was unwillingly impressed with the campus.  As he prepared to attend Auburn we made several visits and with each visit, I became more positive about Keegan’s choice.  Now, I look forward to my visits to the school and of course, I especially enjoy visiting with Keegan.  My youngest is still in high school but her plan is to join her brother at Auburn so I may as well get used to the War Eagle way of life!

I just spent another weekend in Auburn.  Lucy was selected for the Auburn Honor Band so we headed down on Thursday for her audition.  I am so proud of her.  She plays flute like an angel and while she does practice quite a bit, she has natural talent for the flute.  She made the top band this weekend but was disappointed not to make first chair (she made second chair).  She is harder on herself than anyone else could possibly be!  I love going to these band events; I loved band in high school and am glad she is enjoying her high school band experience as well.

Keegan and I made the most of the weekend by looking at apartments for the fall.  The dorms, no wait, excuse me – the residence hall Keegan is currently in is expensive; about $4400 dollars per semester.  It seems like we should be able to get an apartment for less.  Plus he prefers not to have any roommates.  So we made the rounds looking at apartment complexes with 1 BR apartments.  Amazingly, some of the apartment complexes have already filled up for the fall so there is some urgency to getting on the fall list at a complex.  We also looked at a condo on paper (it wasn’t available to visit).  That is actually the cheapest option.  I wish I had unlimited funds so that I could help him out but we are going to have to run this past his father to get his buy-in.  Not a conversation I’m eager to start!  The happy part was just sharing the hunt with my boy.  He has grown into a man with whom I thoroughly enjoy spending time.

So for this weekend, my second as a retired NASA employee, I again fell into the best weekend category!  The concert put on by the Honor Band was incredible PLUS I got to spend time with my son.  I am feeling incredibly content and I’m feeling something I haven’t felt in years; happiness!  So far, I have to wonder why I ever hesitated to make the step into retirement……..

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