celebrations · Huntsville, AL

Mardi Gras

Today was a nice relaxing Saturday.  A few weeks ago, while at the dog park, Lucy and I saw a restaurant that we thought would be fun to try.  A.M. Booth’s Lumberyard had a regular stream of people coming and going and we made a note to eat there when we got a chance.  Today we got that chance!  We got there and there were numerous intriguing people entering the restaurant.  It didn’t take long to come to the realization that these people were dressed for a Mardi Gras celebration!  I was thrilled to realize that they were dressed for a parade and we had not missed it yet!

I didn’t even know Huntsville had a Mardi Gras parade and I didn’t expect much of a turnout.  How wrong could I be?  I need to find the publication that shows all of the Huntsville community events; I felt like the only person out of the loop!  It wasn’t a long parade but everyone in the parade was brightly and colorfully dressed.  Beautiful purples and golds were the main themes with beads being handed out by parade participants.  I’m so happy that we came across this event; I want to do more things around town and this was a great beginning……

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