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Miracles do occur – even to absent-minded retired getting-old ladies!  On Wednesday night, Lucy and I ate out to celebrate her band getting all 1’s at MPA (Music Performance Assessment).  This is a great accomplishment and I’m proud that Lucy is part of such a great band program at Huntsville High School.  That was not the miracle!  The band worked hard to get there and deserved the high score!

Anyway – that is just an example of how easily I’m sidetracked!  Lucy drove us home on Wednesday night.  I knew I was low on gas but Mapco has bargains on Thursday and Sunday so I wanted to wait until the next morning so I could get the gas discount.  Allowing Lucy to drive had me miss the low fuel light coming on but still, I knew I was getting low on fuel.

So moving on to Thursday morning; I pick up Lucy at her Dad’s to take her to school.  Forgot to stop for gas.  I noticed the light when I dropped Lucy off so I went home the long way in order to go by Mapco.  Forgot to stop for gas (even though I deliberately drove by Mapco for the express purpose of getting gas).  Drove past my house to go to the post office forgetting that the gas was now close to empty.  I remembered this awful fact when I went to the car in order to pick up Lucy from school.  So I left a little early so I could get gas and I began praying that I would make it to the gas station (about 8 miles away).

I made it about 6.5 miles.  That is when I lost power as my car quietly ran out of gas.  I was going about 45 miles per hour.  I start coasting hoping to make it as close as possible to the gas station.  I put on my flashers and just plain willed my car to keep coasting.  I was down to 20 MPH as I approached a red light just before Mapco.  The light turning green absolutely qualifies as a miracle as it allowed me to slowly coast the rest of the way to the gas station.  Where a person pulled up to the gas pump I was angling for.  Drat!  I almost made it all the way!  But a gentleman noticed my dismay and he helped me push my van to another pump.  We were working back and forth to make the turn to the pump when another gentleman noticed what we were doing and he ran over to help as well.

I know how lucky I was to get to the gas station without having to walk.  I’m grateful both to have been able to coast to the station and to the gentlemen who helped me get to a pump.  People sometimes wonder if miracles still happen; I say that there are miracles everyday that just don’t get noticed.  This was one of my miracles that did get noticed and I will remain grateful to everything lining up to make it possible.  I didn’t deserve for it to turn out this way.  I was distracted and absent-minded and it was totally my fault for even being in this situation.  This is one of the things in life that help me to see that life is good and it is good to give thanks for all the miracles of living………



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