Auburn · kids · reflective

Birthday Boy

My son turned 19 years old today.  While he doesn’t relish hearing the details of how his Dad and I were going to lunch on his due date when we decided to detour to the hospital; a good move on our part as he was born within 30 minutes of arriving at the hospital!  I love thinking back over all the years of his childhood – there are so many sweet memories that I hope I never forget.  Of course I vaguely remember some of the less sweet memories as well but it is funny how those recollections are a little more dim than the good times.

I’m so proud of who he is as a 19 year old man.  He is in his freshman year at Auburn and is doing well living on his own.  This is despite the difficulties he has in talking to others.  He is extremely introverted but has found a way to get done the things that need to be done.  He is quiet and funny (even if sometimes I’m the only one getting his jokes!) and I find it relaxing to hang out with him.  He has some challenges but I’m happy to see how he handles things.  I look forward to seeing what is in his future.

So Happy Birthday Keegan.  I’m proud to be your Mom……..

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