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Many of you know that I am a dog lover.  If I see a dog on the road, I pick it up and try to find its home.  If I can’t find its home, I keep it.  All of my dogs are rescues of one sort or another and they all have their own personality.  Taboo, called Tabby, is a practical joker.  Ah, you scoff but it is true!  She isn’t my brightest dog but she has a highly developed sense of humor.  She is the lowest dog in the pack but she doesn’t mind.  She is patient and incredibly joyful.  Nothing gets her down.

Today my son was visiting.  He was about to leave when he clicked the unlock button on his key fob.  This made the horn honk on his car.  Oh, the excitement in the house as 5 out of 6 dogs went running to check the driveway.  Not Tabby.  She set herself up in front of the dog door, rump up and tail waving gently.  I swear she was smiling in anticipation the whole time.  Once the first dog poked his head though the door, coming back into the house, she pounced.  She literally pounced.  All four feet came off the ground as she projected herself forward and landed directly on Harley.  This of course terrified Harley as he let out a yelp and scrambled to get out of the dog door.  For the next 20 minutes, there was nothing that could be done to convince Harley that it was safe to come back inside the house.  Tabby thought this was hilarious and you could hear her chuffing in dog laughter!  I would think this whole thing was a coincidence and that I was putting human emotions on a dog except for the fact this isn’t the first time she has done this.  All of the dogs were peacefully napping when she raised her head and gave her ‘someone is here’ bark.  All the dogs went on high alert and raced outside except her.  She waited by that dog door  until that first dog poked his head in on his return to his resting spot.  She gave a loud, intimidating bark and the poor victim backpedaled so fast that their feet were a blur.  She may be the lowest dog in the pecking order but she gets her licks in!

She has a lot of funny mannerisms.  She adores cats and when we first got her, she identified more with the cats than with the other dogs.  Several times when I got home, Tabby was no where to be found.  I eventually learned to look up.  She would follow the cats onto the roof of the garage and get stuck up there.  She couldn’t figure out how to get back down.  I would have to climb down a ladder with a 50 pound puppy in tow.  On other occasions, I would get home to find her laying on the table or on the counter top.  And she was not a small dog! Her body stretched from one end of the kitchen table to the other.  It never occurred to her that what she was doing was wrong.  When we would come in the door, she would be so happy to see us, thumping her tail, oblivious to the fact that we didn’t even want the cats on the table, much less an overgrown pup!

People ask me why I like dogs.  In general, dogs die before us because they have a much shorter lifetime.  It hurts so much when they are gone but they give so much of themselves while they are with us.  Their love is so pure and has no conditions attached.  They are thrilled to see you every time you come home, whether you’ve been gone 5 minutes or 3 weeks.  They are forgiving of our weaknesses and supportive when our moods need lifting.  Yes, I love dogs.  And they give every bit of that love back 100 fold………..




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