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Job Fair

I went to a job fair today.  I’m not necessarily interested in a job but I’m not adverse to finding the right working situation!  That would be a part-time, flexible job a couple of days a week.  Not that much to ask for!!!

It was really a huge job fair; everything from local department stores to high tech engineering firms.  I went into the job fair knowing that I wasn’t really interested in any of the engineering firms.  I did 37 and a half years in engineering and I feel done with that field.  What surprised me were the companies to which I was drawn – companies that provide health services for the elderly or for handicapped children.  I told them I didn’t have much experience in the field – I took care of my Mom at the end of her life but that doesn’t necessarily qualify me for home care work.  But some of the companies are looking for people willing to check in with the elderly and to do some things I could manage so it is definitely food for thought.  I think I stopped at almost all of the booths offering elder/disabled care and I was really interested in the jobs offered.

I always knew that I was not a natural born engineer.  I was good at math and science but I was also good at English and history.  I didn’t know what direction to head in choosing a career so I was guided into engineering.  I liked the idea of a good paycheck and plentiful jobs so it wasn’t hard to convince me.  After this job fair, I wonder what direction I would have proceeded if I hadn’t chosen engineering.  Would it have been health care?  Or working with animals? [I’ve always been pulled towards helping animals]  Or have I been influenced by how helpless my mom appeared at the end of her life?  Ah, I guess we’ll never really know.  I’m satisfied with the job I had over the years and the thing to do now is to look forward, not back.  I have been retired for almost 2 months; I have plenty of time to determine the path of my life from this day forward.  I will investigate my interests and see where they lead…….

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