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Clarinet Lessons

I have my first clarinet lesson tomorrow.  I can’t believe how nervous I am!  I’ve been playing clarinet since 1975.  I didn’t get much instruction when I started so I am almost solely self-taught.  I advanced fairly quickly but I’m sure I have taught myself some bad habits; I only hope that the basics are in place.  Good airflow, good embouchure, good posture, good finger position.  I’ve played my share of solos but playing for a university clarinet professor is so intimidating for me.  And this isn’t exactly a solo; there is no band behind me to support me.  She will be listening to me and judging what I do.  Which is what I want.  I want someone to listen to me and advise me on how to better play so I can advance past where I am right now.  But regardless, I’m pretty nervous about starting.

I was a much better player in high school.  My fingers were faster and my brain could process notes faster.  So by taking lessons now I’m hoping to learn the tricks I would have learned if I had lessons in high school.  I’m hoping to break through the place I am now to improve.  And there is plenty of room for improvement!  I play in several groups; the Huntsville Concert Band, the Madison City Community Orchestra and the Madison Clarinet Choir.  I love to play.  I’m excited to start lessons and I’m willing to put in hours of practice to make improvements based on what I learn.   I have high hopes for the future of my music……

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