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Lesson #2

Well today was my second clarinet lesson and I was just as nervous going into the lesson as before!  Luckily, I did learn something from the first lesson and I brought water to drink – this was a huge help.

Today’s lesson was sort of a evaluation.  The instructor has not really heard me play before and last week was not exactly my best day on my horn!  We played flute/clarinet duets and this was great fun for me.  It was all sight-reading on my part and I’m happy to say I held my own.  I could have done better but I really think I’ll improve as I relax a little bit.

My goals are to improve playing fast passages and in hitting the highest of notes.   Since I never had lessons in the past, I’m hoping to hear clarinet tips that I didn’t learn in high school that might make this easier.  I do know that there isn’t some tip out there that will suddenly open a world of fast fingers but I do think I might learn some better practice habits that will help me get there.  I wish I could hurry the process; it is so hard to be patient when I want to see improvements now!  But patience and perseverance is the name of the game and I plan to stick with it.  Stay tuned for notes on my progress……

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