Lesson #3

I was thrilled at my last lesson that the instructor moved me to Tuesday’s at 4:00.  Not because that is a better time for me (it isn’t) but because I didn’t have to wait an entire week for my next lesson!  So today, I went to my lesson at my new time with my water in hand.

We started diving into technical passages that I do not play as well as I would like.  She pointed out a few things that in retrospect are so obvious to me now but were ideas that helped me greatly!  She also pointed out where it might be better to use an alternate fingering.  I knew about the alternate fingering but I’ve been ignoring those fingerings because of the learning curve necessary to change fingering habits that I have developed over the last 40 years.  But with her recommendation, I made the effort and it is much easier to play the passage smoothly.

We also talked about long tones.  I never really worked things like scales and long tones and I think it is holding me back now.  Runs will be much easier when scales become second nature to me.  I’m always so impressed when my daughter runs through her scales; she knows them backward and forward and in any other way you could imagine!  So I’ve started scales on my own and am working long tones on her guidance.  Another step towards my ultimate improvement plan……

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