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Rain Out

The weather forecast for tomorrow includes severe thunderstorms, hail and possible tornadoes.  This sounds serious but it is a forecast; a prediction of future weather events.  I happen to agree that we need to be safe whenever possible but I have to wonder when we became so cautious that we started canceling scheduled events before the weather actually arrives.  Tonight, the night before the forecasted weather, the Governor has declared a weather emergency.  Local schools have been closed (as well as some statewide), businesses have declared liberal leave policies and extracurricular activities have been canceled.  Erring on the side of caution is commendable but to me, this seems extreme.

Why does this bother me?  After all, when I was a kid, I loved a bonus day off.  And when I was working, I embraced those days in which I could stay home.  However, this coming weekend happens to be the All-State Band Festival which Lucy will be attending.  The day prior to the beginning of the festival is an event known as the Super Solo.  Before being able to participate in the Super Solo, a student must make All-State Band.  This in itself is an accomplishment.  If you make all state, then you can choose to prepare a Super Solo to be judged separate from the band tryouts.  These Super Solos require months of practice to work them up to the standard for which the judges expect.  A pianist is hired for accompaniment.  The judges end up selecting the three best woodwinds, the three best brass and the best percussion out of all of the try-outs.  There is a lot of prestige in being one of the seven.  And due to the forecast, this event was canceled.

Lucy has worked so hard on her Super Solo.  It was beautiful.  With a mother’s pride, I felt she could possibly have been one of the three woodwinds selected.  And now there is nothing to dissuade me from that view!!  But I feel bad for her and for all of the other students who have worked equally hard in preparing for this event.  I know in my heart that they did not make this decision lightly.  They weighed the benefits against the risk of a student being killed while driving to Montgomery due to a tornado.  I just wish the decision could have waited until tomorrow to see if the storms actually materialize.  If a family was concerned tomorrow morning about the weather, they could make the decision for their family to delay their departure and thus miss the Super Solo opportunity.  But this isn’t where we are as a people.  I’m disappointed that Lucy won’t get to perform her solo as scheduled but she still has the All-State experience ahead of her and she and I will be leaving tomorrow morning for Montgomery with an eye on the weather…just in case………

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