Hotel Rooms

I love, love, love staying in hotel rooms.  I love everything about it; the beds, the pillows, the bathrooms, the TV – even living out of a suitcase! Every trip, I look forward to seeing how the room is set up.  I look forward to seeing the view from the window.  I grab the hotel portfolio that lists the features available to guests of the hotel and read it from front to back.  If breakfast is available, I make sure to go down and avail myself of a meal for “free”. I typically surround myself with the things I brought from home, turn on the TV, pile pillows behind my back and relax.  I love going out and coming back to my little home away from home.  I often stay awake late just to enjoy the room for a little more time.

I arrived in Montgomery today and checked into the Renaissance Hotel.  Because of the cancellation of the Super Solo, I really had nothing to do tonight so it was bonus time in my room!  This is the first time I have ever availed myself of valet parking while at a hotel.  I’ve just never felt it was worth the price that is charged but in this case, self-parking is pretty expensive and you have to pay every time you leave and come back.  This made valet parking much more attractive since it was a flat fee per day.  I now love valet parking.  It is hard to justify the cost but oh my goodness, the convenience!  I needed to go out so I dialed the magic number and when I went downstairs, my car was ready.  I got in, they shut the door for me and I was off.  When I got back, I pulled up to the front and just left my car for the valet to take care of.  What a luxury!!  I’ll never have the money to live in a manner in which I could easily become accustomed 🙂 but a few days in a hotel makes me feel pampered.

Of course leaving my pets is hard to do.  While I’m packing, the dogs are watching me and they won’t let me out of their sight while I am sorting what goes into the suitcase.  They know an absence is forthcoming and it is difficult to leave them behind.  I always look forward to getting home and back to my dogs.  Life at home is far from perfect and I’m trying to make changes that will make life more comfortable so I can look forward to an evening in my room as much as I enjoy an evening in a hotel.  But in the meantime, I’ll be looking forward to my next hotel visit………

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