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Today was the big day….the day Lucy has worked so hard to get to….auditions for chair placement in the Alabama All-State Band.  And I won’t keep you in suspense – I am so excited, thrilled and proud to announce that Lucy made first chair in the top Alabama All-State band!  I am besides myself with wonder that my daughter is the best of the best flutists in the state of Alabama.

It isn’t an easy journey for any high school musician to get to this point.  Before being able to audition for chair placement, a student has to actually make the band.  So each student goes through a preliminary audition where the best musicians in each state district are chosen.  For the flutes, six students are chosen in each district with the top two scores being placed in the Red Band, the next two scores being placed in the White Band and the last two scores going to the Blue Band.  Then at the All-State Festival, all the districts come together and there is another audition.  All the red band students, all the white band students and all the blue band students try out for chair placement within their band.  And Lucy made first chair!  She is beside herself with happiness.  This of course did not just happen.  She has worked hard to be the best player possible.  She practices, she takes lessons, she plays her scales and on this particular day, she played better than any of the other flutists.

Lucy has been disappointed in other auditions where she did not do as well as she had hoped.  And as I told her, just being in any of the all state bands is an accomplishment worthy of pride.  She faced the disappointment caused by the cancellation of the Super Solo on Wednesday followed by the triumph of winning first chair on Thursday.  Life is full of ups and downs and the mark of good character is in staying humble during the ups and enduring the downs with bravery.

But this is an up moment – congratulations to Lucy on achieving her goal and on all of the work that brought us here……

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