I love dogs.  They all have unique personalities and are incredibly loyal and loving.  When I come home, no matter how long I’ve been gone, they are ecstatic to see me and greet me as if I’m a conquering hero coming back from war.  They hold no grudges and they give so much more than they get.  Sitting in bed at night, with six dogs scattered around me, I feel a sense of peace and contentment.  These feelings are sometimes elusive during my day to day dealings, but at night, my mood is significantly improved by my dogs.  They are all rescues that have come into my life right when they were needed.

We have a one-eyed pug that is a little overweight and is suffering from congestive heart failure.  He is such a happy little guy despite his handicaps.  His depth perception is questionable so he no longer feels comfortable going up and down the stairs.  So I take all of my things downstairs to my room while he sits at the top of the stairs yapping to remind me to come back and carry him to my room (the main entrance to our house is upstairs with the bedrooms being downstairs).  In the meantime, a number of other dogs have already followed me downstairs.  All of us traipse back upstairs to get the pug and I deposit him in my bed until my daughter picks him up to sleep with her.

Last year we found a beagle and brought him home.  This dog is very special to me as our family had beagles when I was young.  The beagle brings back a lot of really good memories and he needs me probably more than any of the other dogs.  He was afraid of everything when he came to us.  If we moved a hand to scratch our heads, he would cower as if expecting to be beaten.  He has come a long way in the year we’ve had him and he is now comfortable in most situations.  He used to be in the pack that followed me downstairs and then back upstairs to pick up Ninja the pug.  But he watched the process carefully.  He isn’t sure why I carry Ninja down the stairs but he has decided he wants some of that action!  Now, I go downstairs to put my things down and when I go back for Ninja, there are two dogs sitting there waiting for transport!  I carry Ninja to my room and if I don’t head back for Mr. Watson (the beagle), I’ll hear him bark to remind me that he is waiting.  So I trundle back upstairs and carry Mr. Watson to my room as well.  It makes me laugh every night seeing those two dogs sitting at the top of the stairs waiting on someone to take them downstairs.  And make no mistake, Mr. Watson is totally capable of coming down the stairs; in fact, he regularly comes downstairs on his own.  But if Ninja is going to be carried down, Mr. Watson patiently waits alongside him wanting the same extra attention!  When I deposit him in the bed, he scootches under my pillows and lays in my spot waiting for me to sit next to him.

I do understand how well the dogs have trained me.  But I have decided it is such a small concession to make when I consider the amount of joy they give me.  So I’ll continue carrying my two little guys to my room….at least until our 80 pound boxer decides she wants to be carried as well.  Then it might be time to take a stand……….

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