This was a week of concerts.  It started with our concert on Tuesday at Latham United Methodist Church.  Yes, the very church of the break-in!  Happily, nothing like that happened this week.  The Huntsville Concert Band played their spring concert.  I love to play but the loss of Mr. Watson has colored everything for me and it wasn’t the release I usually get playing my clarinet.  The concert made it a better Tuesday than it would have been otherwise but it is really hard for me to get past the sadness I feel at the loss of my sweet beagle.

Then on Friday came the concert of the Madison City Community Orchestra.  I have worked really hard on learning this music and quite honestly, I was happy to have the opportunity to play it in a performance.  I’m looking forward even more to seeing the new music we will receive on Monday!  I love concerts not only because I enjoy the performance aspect of playing music I’ve worked on, but because of the chance to sight-read new music and to begin preparing for the next concert!  I would play in community groups even if we didn’t perform but there is something satisfying about having a common goal and achieving it.  It was a lot of fun and we had a pretty good turn out for the concert.

Now, today, the clarinet choir played at a car show at a middle school.  This may be the most fun I have in playing.  This group plays fun music and I don’t feel the performance stress I feel with the other groups.  We have a lot of fun in this group and I really enjoy playing in a group of clarinets.  All kind of clarinets but every instrument is a clarinet.  There is a meeting of minds that I don’t experience the same way in any other group with which I participate.  This concert got rained out before we finished but we still had lots of fun.

Oh, but the fun wasn’t over with yet!  I volunteer at the Von Braun Center at events in order to help pay my daughter’s band fees.  It has been a life-saver in getting the fees paid.  I know running a band is expensive but sometimes it feels like I’m paying to run the whole band.  Of course this is an exaggeration but I have been in a financial bind for several years and the band fees were unreachable.  But having an outlet in which I can volunteer and get the fees paid has helped me pay fees and has helped pay for trips.  Tonight’s event was the Boston concert!  I stand near one of the bars checking ID’s, ensuring that everyone is over 21 if they want to purchase alcohol.  From that vantage point, I get to hear the concert without having to buy a ticket!  And if I were to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of going to concerts, sitting in a seat and watching a group sing for a couple of hours.  I do like seeing a band in person; it is just the watching for hours that gets to me.  So wristbanding for me is the ideal compromise.  I’m listening to the concert; peeking in on the band in slow times but I have something to otherwise occupy me and to keep my mind busy!  Boston was fantastic!  I’ve seen other bands this way as well; Elton John, Miranda Lambert, and Jay Leno to mention a few.  Not all bands are great but it is the perfect place for people watching…….

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