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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is always a bittersweet for me.  As a mother, I love that my kids do what they can to make my day special.  But as a daughter, I miss my Mom more and more each year.  She was a special person and Mother’s Day underscores her loss.  And Mother’s Day doesn’t just bring to mind the Mom I grew up with, but it also brings to mind my biological Mom; a woman who loved me so much at birth that she made a huge sacrifice and gave me up for adoption.  Ultimately, it is due to her love that my life took the path leading me to my mom.  I grew up knowing that I had two mother’s. My mom made it very clear that I was lucky; after all, not everybody had two Mom’s that loved them!

I lost my Mom in 2005.  Not a day goes by that doesn’t bring to mind some lesson she imparted to me or in which I don’t think of something we talked about.  She was a proponent of me finding my birth parents; something I only wanted to do if the desire to meet was mutual.  I didn’t need to find them to discover who I was – I was content in already knowing myself.  Shortly after she died, a web page popped up on my computer that actually led to me finding my birth mom and my birth dad.  To this day, I’m convinced that Mom was guiding this effort.  She had an unselfish mother’s love and she knew that my birth mom would like to meet the baby she gave up so long ago.

I will always consider myself lucky that I met Kate, my birth mom.  The similarities between us were striking!  We had read many of the same books, had the same passion for animals and enjoyed the same TV shows.  Skeptics may say that with books and television shows so mainstreamed, it was inevitable that we would have similarities.  But this was different.  It isn’t something I feel a need to justify; I just know that there was a strong connection between us and a meeting of minds that felt comforting.  Sadly, I did not have long to get to know her.  She was quite ill when we met and she died within a few months of our meeting each other.  This just adds to the bittersweet nature of Mother’s Day for me.  I would have loved to have had more time with Kate – time to discover her likes and dislikes and to just visit with her.  I miss both of my mom’s.

And this brings us to the current Mother’s Day celebration.  I have three awesome kids.  I love them fiercely every day of the year and truthfully, they don’t need to do anything special on Mother’s Day; I actually feel a little uncomfortable having a specific day that has been created in which kids are supposed to treat their mothers in a special way. But then I think back to Mother’s Day when Mom was alive and how much I enjoyed having a day to pamper my Mom.  And then I’m glad this day exists!

Kaileigh got me roses and they are beautiful.  I love yellow roses and I love the color orange and she found a way to combine the two!  She could not have picked out a better bouquet!  Lucy and Keegan allowed me to sleep to a decent hour and then they came over to pick me up to go to IHOP.  I knew it was a special day when Lucy allowed me to hook up my music to her radio!  She also had a considerate gift for me; a device from Brookstone that will help me keep my iPad and iPhone screens cleaner.  We got back in time for me to go to a MCHS band concert that I had hoped to attend.  I really enjoyed hearing the concert and even more than that, I enjoyed going into the “new” MCHS school.  I attended MCHS when it was still in Gurley and was called Gurley.  In 1999, a new school was built in Brownsboro and I never had the opportunity to actually see the inside of the school.  Today I not only went inside the school but I checked out the band room.  Inside the band room was a plaque that still had my name on it from when I won the senior band award in 1979!  Talk about memories!!  A little later in the day, Lucy, Kaileigh and I went to see Guardian’s of the Galaxy at the theater.  A relaxing end to a really nice day……..


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