house project

Major Project

I am feeling all the symptoms of nervousness and anxiety as I embark on the biggest project of my life.  I am going to go through the process of building a new home.  Wow.  Putting it in print makes it so much more real! The ideas and thoughts for my dream home have been percolating in my head since 1989.  I’ve gotten as far as having plans drawn up but circumstances did not work out in moving forward with the home.  But now I think the stars have aligned such that I can finally design and build my dream retirement home.  This is going to be the house I will be in for the rest of my life.

I am actually in desperate need of a new home.  It isn’t just the small closets or the single bathroom; my floors are collapsing in my living room. This is no exaggeration.  This house was built by my Dad in the 1960’s and when he died in 2008, I was grateful to be able to move in as I was about to go through a divorce.  But he was convinced that I would tear the house down after he was gone.  He didn’t know that I would need the house for myself and the kids.  So his last few years, he didn’t worry too much about maintenance.  And the floors are paying the price.  I found termites under the living room floor and while I did take care of that problem, it was really too late to save the floor.  It wasn’t too bad at the beginning but over the years, they have gotten progressively worse.  I don’t blame my Dad for the floor problems – neither of us knew while he was alive that I would ever need to live in my childhood home again.  But now there are places that are no longer strong enough to hold a chair, much less a person’s weight.  You can see straight through to the crawl space.  It is a dangerous situation.

I have had bids to get the floor fixed.  The amount quoted was more than half the price of building a new home.  I couldn’t see putting so much money in a house that no longer fits my needs.  I knew I wanted to build a home but have had financial difficulties since the divorce.  The opportunity just wasn’t there.  But now I find myself in a position where building has become feasible.  So I have contacted an architect that I have admired for many years.  I hope to share my new adventure as I go through each step.  And the process has begun…….

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