I wrote this post before, but to my dismay, I lost the entire thing.  To be honest, I didn’t think this was possible as each post is saved multiple times as one writes it but I have a skill that is unmatched anywhere!  If there is a way to break a process, I can find it.  I may not know how I got there, but I can get it done!  So this is a second writing of my experience of having guests at my house; something that does not happen very often!

I’m happy to say that two of my cousins from Ohio came down for a quick visit on Monday and Tuesday.   I would have liked them to be able to stay with us during their visit, but unfortunately, my home is really not suitable for guests at this time and I recommended a hotel that was fairly close to us.  It is my floors that cause the greatest concern and while I have plywood over the worst of the holes, it is still a dangerous situation.  The safety worry as well as the embarrassment of the floors makes it hard for any of us to invite people over.  But Mike and Bob have seen the floors before and while the floors have gotten worse, I felt they would be more understanding than a casual acquaintance.

I am not the best of hostesses.  I have good intentions but I tend to be overly introverted and I find it hard to interact with offers of food and drink.  I actually did go to the grocery store to buy sodas and fixings for sandwiches and snacks but never found my voice to go further than the drinks.  Having visitors is a very stressful situation for me; this in no way reflects upon Mike and Bob.  They were totally gracious guests and despite my feeling stressed, it was a pleasure to see them.  It was a timely visit as well.  With my house project beginning, Bob was an invaluable source of information.  He went out to my proposed locations and gave me his input for each.  He developed a spreadsheet with financial information and was helpful when I was bouncing ideas off of him.  Then, at the end of the day, he took everyone out to eat. I wanted to offer to pay for at least one of the dinners, but again, I had trouble finding words to get this across.  I feel that I am doing a disservice for my kids as they are not getting an image of how things should be done when hosting guests but I have to let go of the stress and lack of self-confidence I feel in these situations.  Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and this happens to fall under one of my weaknesses.  I do the best I can and I have to be able to move on in order to have an opportunity to do better in the future.

The visit was short but I felt I got a lot done in developing a plan for building my house.  I hope Mike and Bob enjoyed their trip; I know that I enjoyed their visit……

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