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I wrote about a power outage on May 22, 2017.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but that was also the day that my air conditioner for my bedrooms quit working.

I’ve been using the same company for repairs for quite awhile now.  I switched to them when I got an excessively high bid on a repair from my previous company.  I decided to get a second opinion and it turned out that I was able to get the repair completed for about 30% of the first bid when the technician soldered the broken part together, saving me the expense of buying an overpriced new part.

I will say that this repair instance tested my patience with the company.  I don’t do well with sleeping in the heat; and if I don’t get enough restful sleep, I don’t do well in day to day interactions either!  But I didn’t panic; I figured a quick call to the company would have things set right in a timely manner as I have previously experienced.

So I called on a Wednesday (the 31st).  They couldn’t come until Saturday but they would be there between 1:00 and 3:00.  Saturday comes and I get a call at 1:30 saying the technician is running late.  No big problem – they were still planning on coming.  I didn’t hear from them again until 8:30 and while the technician said he would still come if I insisted, there would be an extra $99 charge.  I was pretty sure this was incorrect because the reason I didn’t have someone come on Thursday night was so that I wouldn’t have to pay that charge.  We specifically discussed this when we set up the Saturday appointment.  I was incensed.  I had been looking forward to having the AC that night and this was a huge setback in my mind.  And then to have had someone waiting at home all that time in order to accommodate their overbooked schedule really irritated me.  AND to have to call again on Monday to get on the schedule again was really annoying.  I thought if they didn’t get to me as promised, I should go to the top of the Monday list.  But it didn’t work that way.

So I am already a little ticked off when I called on Monday.  Sure they were apologetic but that was not fixing my AC.  And they couldn’t get to my house on Monday.  It turns out they couldn’t come until Tuesday, almost a week after my first call to them.  Because of my clarinet lesson and band on Tuesday, Keegan waited on the technician.  This is not something he likes to do.  If anyone is more introverted than me, it would be him.  But he knew this was important to me so he waited.  The tech did a good bit of trouble-shooting and narrowed it down to a fan board.  Which he did not have in stock.  So he left with a vague promise of returning when he received the fan board.

That brings us to the following Monday when he came to work on the AC again.  And this was not an automatic visit.  I again had to call to get on the schedule.  The tech comes out and checks out a few things and decides it is actually the thermostat and that I might be able to get by without the fan board – great news for me.  The fan board was $300.  He ended up burning out three thermostats – his total number of thermostats on the truck.  It looked instead like I may have a short.  He worked for hours looking for the short and ended up finding one under the house (after running into a snake!) and when that didn’t solve the problem he kept looking for more shorts.  The fan board ended up having a short as well so he went ahead and replaced that.  He felt confident that all I needed was a thermostat at this point.  He would have to come back when he had another thermostat.  And now I had company.  I was having trouble comprehending that it was taking this long!

No word on Tuesday so I called on Wednesday.  How could I forget that I had to be put on the schedule again?  They added me to the schedule but said it would be after 5:00 before he would arrive.  I finally gave up at 10:00.  I called again on Thursday and now I am coming across as pretty miffed.  They would call me back when they had more information but the tech was off on Thursday for a doctor appointment.  No call came.  Today, I was loaded for bear and more frustrated and hot than I have been in some time.  I know they were trying to accommodate me; they only had two technicians and so many people needing AC work.  I did know this.  And I wanted to be understanding.  But I was hot and frustrated that my AC had been off since May 22nd.  I called and complained that no one came when I was told someone would come and no one called when I was told someone would call.  But the good news was that I had been put on today’s schedule.  I waited at home for the call.  The tech finally called and was on his way with my new thermostat.  Which didn’t work when he put it in.  He went out to check a few more things and found yet another short.  The unit had been hit with the storm back on the 22nd which did a number on the electronics but the problem was ultimately wires touching metal and shorting out.  After fixing the third short, he went back to the thermostat and finally, finally, I had cool air circulating through the bedrooms.  I’m sitting in my cool bedroom now typing and enjoying a working AC unit.  It wasn’t cheap; it wasn’t easy.  But the victory is that much sweeter for the effort…….

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