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Home Again

After two more days on the train, Lucy and I arrived home to the ecstatic adulation of the dogs!  There is nothing quite as gratifying as a dog’s devotion.  There are no recriminations or guilt trips for your having gone on vacation; just total joy that you have returned.  I was worried that Tank would not make it until my return, but I was happy to find him in the pack that greeted me when I pulled into the driveway.  Despite his illness, he is still the alpha dog but it is probably because none of the other dogs want to challenge him.  He has lost a lot of weight over the last few months and it was painfully obvious when I hadn’t seen him for a few days.  But Keegan took great care of him in my absence; I’m grateful that he was home and that he has embraced the tasks that are necessary to keep Tank comfortable.

It was good having a few days away.  I caught up on some sleep (sleeping with 4 to 5 dogs is sometimes not very restful; Tank is constantly congested and is a pretty loud breather but I refuse to ban him from my room), had some time away from all the aggravation of my current house and of course, got to spend time with some people I love!  I love to travel but it is sometimes hard to get me out of my comfort zone.  I’ll have excuses for not taking a trip; valid excuses, but excuses nonetheless.  But this trip went so well that perhaps I’ll take that into account when deciding if I can take a trip in the future!  I have a big trip planned for next June; I’m going to Spain with Lucy and Kaileigh.  Lucy and I will be going with the Twickenham Winds; a band in which we both participate.  We will be playing a few venues in Spain.  I’m taking Kaileigh as well because I think she will really enjoy going to Spain.

Despite enjoying the trip, it is good to be home.  Maybe part of the charm of traveling is the ability to appreciate what one has at home.  My house is decrepit but it is home.  I’m grateful that a trip can still help me see the positive and help me appreciate what I have rather than regret what I don’t have………

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