Fireworks have come to our neck of the woods a little earlier than usual this year!  My ex-husband’s neighborhood put on an early 4th of July show and Lucy and I went to the Hampton House for the show.  I love seeing the explosion of color against the dark sky; it never gets old for me.  I find it amazing that fireworks have been around since the 7th century – hard to believe that anyone came up with the idea of controlling a series of explosions!

For me, the hard part of any fireworks display is getting away from the venue after the show.  I already suffer from social anxiety so when I am surrounded by crowds, I feel a bit claustrophobic.  I like to just make it to my car and sit there until some of the traffic dissipates.  But somehow, I led the crowd and was able to back out and get on my way before the rest of the crowds.  So I would call this a successful night shared with my youngest daughter!  May there be many, many more………


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