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I volunteer at the Von Braun Center, our local venue for concerts and entertainment.  I wrist-band at concerts, checking IDs for those wishing to partake in alcohol.  If their ID checks out, I put a wrist-band around their wrist so that the bartenders will know they have been checked.  I also work concessions on occasion, especially if alcohol is not being sold.  I do this as a representative of the Huntsville High School Band.  We are given the opportunity to do this to help work off some or all of the band fees.  This is actually a blessing.  Band fees are significant and the band trips add even more to this cost.  So I volunteer as often as I can.  I’ve seen Elton John, Miranda Lambert, Jay Leno, Boston, The Steve Miller Band and many more.  I’ve been to many a hockey game as well.  Lynyrd Skynyrd is coming up and I have hopes of working that concert!!!

Tonight was not one of the more sought after concerts, but they aren’t all bands in my listening genre.  This was a hip hop/rap band; one of my least favorite styles of music.  But the VBC liaison called to tell me she was short handed and I just got my band fee statement.  So I was glad to volunteer for the Migos concert.

This concert was a glimpse into what is fashionable for the 18 – 22 year old crowd.  Especially the women.  Women of all sizes were wearing micro-mini skirts, short shorts, spike heels, see through tops, crop tops, leather, lycra, lame; I saw more cleavage than I ever thought possible!  And no matter the size of the woman – most of them looked great!  It may have something to do with the swagger of a confident woman.  Practically every woman seemed to have an inner confidence that rendered her beautiful. Of course there were those that were dressed a little more casually but the norm was dressing to the nines….for the ladies.  The guys tended to dress in a manner similar to the rappers.  There was such a energy at the arena; this is important when you have to be on your feet for hours on end.  There were two opening acts so Migos came on rather late.  This definitely affects how long we have to be there and even with the electric charge of the concert goers, I was wiped out by the end of my shift.  My feet ached, my back was in serious agony and my head throbbed.  But I am used to such assaults to my body as I’ve had chronic back pain for years.  Standing for lengthy periods of time lets me know I’m alive!!

So the bottom line is that I was glad I worked this concert.  Hip/hop/rap music is not going to replace my favorite country, rock and pop music from the 70’s, but it did give me a mostly enjoyable evening!  Next time, who knows?  Maybe I’ll actually volunteer for a rap concert without that reminder phone call…….

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