New Dog

Those of you who know me must be shaking your heads.  Before finding Mr. Doggy (aka Mud and Simon), I already had five dogs; one of which has a brain tumor and is not doing well.  But I’m not one to pass a stray needing a home so Mr. Doggy came home with me.  We’ve had him now for about two and a half weeks.  He is fitting in and happily, Harley now has a best friend.  They play all day long!  He came to us “all boy” if you get my drift but I feel strongly that as long as there are dogs needing homes, puppies are a luxury so he was neutered last week.  He is a beagle mix and is about 4 years old.

He is a loving dog; very affectionate and moderately protective.  When the neighbor’s dog comes over, he is right in that dog’s face letting him know that he doesn’t belong in our yard.  But other than that, he has been a typical high energy, ground sniffing, fun-loving beagle.  We kept him in the house for the first two weeks.  I dreaded taking him out on the leash!  His first move was always heading to the woods to explore and sniff around.  I tried to give him his head and just follow along but I was getting poison ivy rashes by letting him lead.  Slowly, I began letting him go outside and I now know that he knows where he lives and he comes right back home after his outings.  But there is still the danger of the road; it is a fear I live with everyday for all of the dogs.  Speed limit is 35 but most people are going at least 60.  I look forward to building my new house where I not only will be further from the road, but I’ll have a fence as well.  It can’t be soon enough for me!

Mr. Doggy loves to climb.  He can’t be high enough in his opinion.  The first thing he did when we brought him in, was to climb on a large piece of furniture that I have in the living room.  He loves the back of couches, the kitchen table (he now knows that is not allowed!) and would get on counters if he could just figure out how to make that critical leap.  He is an athlete, able to make jumps that the rest of the dogs can’t quite make.  He seems to be happy to have a new home and the kids already love him.  I wish I could save all the dogs in the world that need saving, but I can’t.  In the meantime, I’ll rescue one dog at a time as they find me.  There is lots of love to go around both from the dogs and from me………



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