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Packing Up

Keegan and I spent yesterday and today cleaning out my car and then packing up his belongings for his trip back to Auburn.  We leave on Monday, August 14.  For this next year, his sophomore year, we have rented a one-bedroom apartment and move-in date is Monday.  He doesn’t have a bed, a couch, a table or chairs.  All he has is what he needed for dorm living last year so I’m a little stressed about getting things setup on Monday but as with everything, this too will work out.  He has dishes, flatware, a comforter and his clothes.  I guess I could add a hamper and a garbage can but very little else.  He bought a TV years ago and since the apartment complex provides cable and internet, he should be set for entertainment!

So on Monday, we will be looking for a bed at the very least.  He could sleep on the floor for the short term, but I would like to get him a place to sleep and a place to sit.  We could worry about a table later.  Money, as always, is an issue so we will be scouring thrift shops, Craigslist and discount stores.  I don’t have long; I need to be home by Tuesday at 3:30 for my clarinet lesson so we will hit the road running!  I will probably go back later in the week to finish finding the things he needs.  He also needs pots and pans, a toaster and other small items – I’m hoping we can pick some of that up tomorrow before we leave.

It is good to be busy on this task.  Otherwise, I would be spending more time thinking of the time I’ll have to say goodbye.  With an apartment, he won’t be wanting to come home for breaks as he did when he was in the dorm.  The dorms were locked during breaks and holidays; an apartment will be available every day of the year.  And of course he no longer has transportation after the wreck.  The amount of money required to fix his car is more than the actual value of the car.  So he will be without a way home.  For that matter, he will be without a way to the grocery store!  But I feel he will be able to get around to an extent.  There is a Tiger Transit bus for him to take to school so getting to classes will not be a problem.  He needs a job to help pay for the apartment and to begin saving for a car so that might be a challenge.  I’m trying to take each day as it comes but I’m already starting to miss him.

I know this is right for Keegan.  In fact, it is right for me too.  From the time our kids take their first steps, they begin moving away from us.  We want them to be independent, productive members of society.  And I’m so proud of Keegan.  This is the best way for him to grow to to his full potential.  He still needs my help and my input and I’ll gladly provide it in any way I can.  I’ll try to remember he needs to stretch out of his comfort zone and I’ll try not to be overbearing.  A little subtle guidance is my goal as I watch him grow even more independent while he gets his education……

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